Setups & Takedowns Camp 2023

Setups & Takedowns Camp 2023


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Liability Waiver

I, the undersigned individual and as a parent/guardian of a minor, ask that he/she be admitted to participate in the Keel Camps camp/clinic/program, an Even Keel Wrestling Services sponsored event. I do herby agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless Keels Camps, Even Keel Wrestling Services, St. John's College High School, District of Columbia State Athletic Association, their coaches, agents, and employees of and from all causes, liabilities, damages, and claims whatsoever in the course of training, travel, and/or competition held in connection with this registration. I also give permission for my child’s photograph to appear in promotional material regarding this event.

Medical Permission

I hereby give permission for any and all medical attention necessary to be administered to my child in the event of an accident, injury, sickness, etc. under the direction of the persons listed below until such time as I may be contacted. This release is effective for the time during which my child is participating in the clinic/camp/program, including any competition and traveling to and from such events. I also assume the responsibility for payment for any such treatments.

Parent Agreement

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Setups & Takedowns is a series of three 3-hour sessions designed to increase the precision and accuracy of the most common offensive takedowns at the highest levels of wrestling: singles and high-crotches.  Other attacks will be included: knee pull singles, knee blocks, low singles, and head-outside low-singles, to name a few.  Each of the attacks will be broken down into components in order to focus on improving every phase of the attack to insure each wrestler, regardless of skill level and experience, will come away from the clinic with an improved shot.  After mastering the attacks, each wrestler will be provided instruction on variety of effective setups along with hand-fighting combinations so that they are able to disrupt any opponent’s stance and create an angle.  Finally, the clinic will also include finishes in the format of a series so that each wrestler has an immediate choice based on the opponent’s reaction to the attack.  In particular, each wrestler will learn and improve in each of the 6 single leg power positions to keep from ever getting extended on a shot again.

Setups & Takedowns

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