Escape Artist Bottom Camp 2024

Escape Artist Bottom Camp 2024


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The Escape Artist Bottom Camp is designed to teach wrestlers a system and mentality that will get them out from bottom at any level. Attack from bottom by progressing through a series of moves that work no matter how your opponent tries to break you down. The series you learn is based on what works now at all levels from youth wrestling to the NCAA championship. A few years into my coaching career I reached my limit. My coaching style on bottom was a weird mix of moves from my history in the sport with a variety of teams. It wasn’t working and I was frustrated. So I threw everything I thought I knew about bottom out of the window and analyzed tons of film. The best wrestlers at every level are not doing what we learned in the 80s and 90s. After analyzing all of this film I realized if talent is equal a good move works 1 out of every 4 attempts. Those of you who preach chain wrestling already know this. So I focused on creating a system based on progressing through positions that leave us in great position to score even if our first three attempts fail. The system also works towards situations that leverage the rules against the top wrestler forcing them to cut us or get penalized. Finally, the most important factor towards getting that escape is attitude. Mental training has become a huge part of what we do on bottom. And it all comes to together very well. Instead of defending, we attack from the bottom position and we have earned more escapes than ever before. Never be ridden out again.

Escape Artist Bottom Camp

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