Setups & Takedowns


Setups & Takedowns is a series of three 3-hour sessions designed to increase the precision and accuracy of the most common offensive takedowns at the highest levels of wrestling: singles and high-crotches.  Other attacks will be included: knee pull singles, knee blocks, low singles, and head-outside low-singles, to name a few.  Each of the attacks will be broken down into components in order to focus on improving every phase of the attack to insure each wrestler, regardless of skill level and experience, will come away from the clinic with an improved shot.  After mastering the attacks, each wrestler will be provided instruction on variety of effective setups along with hand-fighting combinations so that they are able to disrupt any opponent’s stance and create an angle.  Finally, the clinic will also include finishes in the format of a series so that each wrestler has an immediate choice based on the opponent’s reaction to the attack.  In particular, each wrestler will learn and improve in each of the 6 single leg power positions to keep from ever getting extended on a shot again.

Eligible Wrestlers – 5th grade and older with +2 years wrestling experience

Dates: July 8 – 11


  1. Monday 9 AM – Noon
  2. Tuesday 9 AM – Noon
  3. Wednesday 9 AM – Noon
  4. Thursday 9 AM – Noon

Keel Camps are run with the you’re-on-your-own format, so make sure you bring everything you’ll need to include water, food if there are breaks, and any gear you might need.  Trainers are normally not available during the clinics.  Parents are welcome to OBSERVE but should refrain from participating, coaching, or interacting with their wrestler during the clinic without prior permission.  Keel Camps are not resident camps.


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We have attended Coach Keel's camps for at least 4 years in a row. Its that good and we learn new things each time. Matt is great with kids, is an excellent communicator, and has a great sense of humor.

John Sykes

My son attended one of your camps...perhaps the most significant wrestling camp he has attended. He developed not only great leg riding ability, but great balance as well; he is like a "tick" on top, kids simply can't reverse him or get him out of legs. He now dominates kids that used to beat him. He is simply a much better wrestler.

Paul Dubois

The kids really liked the camp and certainly learned a different style than what were use to wrestling

Pat Ancil